The Good and The Beautiful || Primer K

It seems like The Good and The Beautiful is everywhere these days! So, I decided to try it out with my four year old. Thankfully, Jenny Phillips created a program perfect for children who are transitioning toward Kindergarten.

What Does the Course Cover? This course helps children (usually ages 4-6) master letters and their sounds. It also teaches long and short vowels, phonemic awareness, isolating sounds in a word, reading simple two and three letter words, sight words (I, a, the, see), counting from 10-15, fine motor skills, rhyming, sorting, order of events, and more.…

Help for an Overscheduled Homeschool

When we first started homeschooling, I completely overscheduled our family.  I felt like we needed to use every curriculum, do every extracurricular activity, and constantly keep busy.  It was incredibly overwhelming, especially since I had five children until nine at the time.  What was I thinking?!

Here is some advice that I’ve gathered over the years to prevent this from happening again.  I hope it helps you!

Spring Homeschool Haul

I have five children and we needed a few extra things for the end of the school year.  We have a *huge* Dollar Tree in our town, where I found most of these items, but I always picked up a few things from Amazon (links below).

This is a collab with my friend, Madison Hopper. Make sure you check out her channel, too! Madison’s Video :…

Books I Shared:

Raising Confident Children || Journey to Joy

Journey to Joy is your secret tool to build a ‘Gratitude Muscle’ that will allow children to become more mindful, focus on the good, and attract positive psychological and behavior attributes.

To get your own copy:

* Unique multiple prompts everyday
* Colorful and unique themes on each page
* Simple formatted by a Learning Specialist
* Motivational sayings to keep children inspired
* Affirmations to help boost children confidence
* Not pre-dated, so you can start whenever. Plus, the child can choose the page they’d like to ponder on each day
* Perfect tool to increase parent-child bonding & understanding
* Designed to not take too long. Stay entertained throughout the journaling
* Work towards confidence and resilience for just about $0.10/day

*While improving a life of your loved ones, you will also be helping a kid in Tanzania.
*Supporting small businesses. Printed locally in Canada.
* Ordering 10+ journals? Email us to SAVE up to 10% .