Morning Time

We try to begin each homeschool day with Morning Time.

Years ago, all six of us would plop down at the homeschool table and spend the first hour of the day going through our morning basket. I made a video about it years ago. But now, it is usually just our three youngest and me.

Since there is lots of boy energy in the morning, we always start with MadLibs. Well, after our morning prayer because we definitely need a little prayer before we can begin. (You can find the printable of the prayer that we use HERE.) These boys are always begging to do just one more MadLib before we move on to the more serious subjects.

I love making our Morning Time fun because it keeps the boys engaged and entertained before we dive into our core subjects and independent work. If you want a peek at several of the things that we use each morning, check out my Amazon Shop.

Poetry Tea Time || Resources and Free Books!

Our family loves adding Poetry Tea Time
to our homeschool day.

We make it very simple, too. All we do is boil some water to make tea or hot cocoa and put together a few snacks. Then we grab our poetry books from our bookshelves and the kids pick a few poems to read aloud. We keep things fun and relaxed.

If you don’t own any poetry books, you can pick some up at the library or just look online for some poems to share.

Here are a full poetry books available completely free from the Gutenberg Project:

Here are a few sites you can explore with your kids:

Homeschooling Through Difficult Times

When you’re going through a difficult time in life, homeschooling can become quite a challenge. If you’re facing chronic illness, the challenge comes every day and stays with you.

We never expected to find ourselves on this path, but living life with a medically complex child who has serious medical concerns can be very difficult at times.

Even though we couldn’t anticipate this, we had to rise to the occasion and find the best way to continue homeschooling our five children.

I hope this video is helpful to anyone out there who needs a few tips on how to manage homeschool when you or your child is facing chronic illness or something just as serious.

How to Go from Traditional School to Homeschool

Making the move from Public or Private School to Homeschool can sometime be difficult. In this video, I am sharing with you a few tips to make the transition easier!

How to START:…

Reasons to Homeschool Now:…

How to Find Community:…

Homeschooling Like A Pro:…

Letting Go of Homeschool Expectations:…

Our 1st Day of Homeschool:…

How I Homeschool:…

Why I Love Homeschooling:…

Curriculum Picks for Our Summer Homeschool

We homeschool year round, and in the summer, we focus on Reading, Writing, and Math. This summer, we are also adding Latin to the mix.

Watch to see how I plan our everything for our summer homeschool.

☀️ Our Summer Homeschool Plans:…

☀️ Summer Bridge Workbooks:…

☀️Simple Summer Schedule:…

📚 Check out my homeschool favorites:

Our Summer Homeschool Plans

We are one of those year-round homeschooling families. So, when summer rolls around, we only slightly change things up in our homeschool.  We take a break at the end of the school year before diving into the summer schedule, but it isn’t long because I’ve seen that, for my kids, continuing homeschool is best for everyone.

Watch this video to see our plans for the summer!