Poetry Tea Time || Resources and Free Books!

Our family loves adding Poetry Tea Time
to our homeschool day.

We make it very simple, too. All we do is boil some water to make tea or hot cocoa and put together a few snacks. Then we grab our poetry books from our bookshelves and the kids pick a few poems to read aloud. We keep things fun and relaxed.

If you don’t own any poetry books, you can pick some up at the library or just look online for some poems to share.

Here are a full poetry books available completely free from the Gutenberg Project:

Here are a few sites you can explore with your kids:

Spring Homeschool Haul

I have five children and we needed a few extra things for the end of the school year.  We have a *huge* Dollar Tree in our town, where I found most of these items, but I always picked up a few things from Amazon (links below).

This is a collab with my friend, Madison Hopper. Make sure you check out her channel, too! Madison’s Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGU8z…

Books I Shared: https://www.amazon.com/shop/acommonlife

Raising Confident Children || Journey to Joy

Journey to Joy is your secret tool to build a ‘Gratitude Muscle’ that will allow children to become more mindful, focus on the good, and attract positive psychological and behavior attributes.

To get your own copy: https://goo.gl/WMvWpp

* Unique multiple prompts everyday
* Colorful and unique themes on each page
* Simple formatted by a Learning Specialist
* Motivational sayings to keep children inspired
* Affirmations to help boost children confidence
* Not pre-dated, so you can start whenever. Plus, the child can choose the page they’d like to ponder on each day
* Perfect tool to increase parent-child bonding & understanding
* Designed to not take too long. Stay entertained throughout the journaling
* Work towards confidence and resilience for just about $0.10/day

*While improving a life of your loved ones, you will also be helping a kid in Tanzania.
*Supporting small businesses. Printed locally in Canada.
* Ordering 10+ journals? Email us to SAVE up to 10% .