Closing a Chapter

For the past four years, I have been sharing our homeschool journey on YouTube, but I’ve decided to move on and focus more on family. At the beginning, I thought that sharing videos would helps others; and I think it did… for a while.

But, soon, life became incredibly hectic. Gregory’s health was rapidly declining, and just surviving was taking up all of my energy. I took a month long break back in 2019, but that wasn’t quite enough. Once I began vlogging again, I just couldn’t find the joy that I had found in previous years. I decided to finish out the year and see how it goes.

By December of 2019, I was exhausted and I was very ready for a break. I planned to take a small break at the beginning of 2020, but, well, you know what happened in 2020. My short break ended up lasting seven months, but I came back right at the start of our 2020-21 homeschool year and gave it the ol’ college try.

I quickly realized that YouTube had become flooded with other homeschool accounts. When I started making videos back in 2016, there weren’t that many homeschoolers, but now… wow. It is amazing how many people have jumped on the bandwagon recently. I felt that, at this time, I didn’t have enough to offer. And, frankly, I didn’t want to put forth the time and effort for such a small return of investment.

It takes a lot of time to produce a video. And I would rather use my time for other things.

So, here I am, back on the old blog and attempting to write again like I used to many moons ago. I was one of those Mommy Bloggers before Mommy-Blogging was a thing. I actually blogged before I was a mom. I’ve basically always had some form of outlet online since 2003. Typing that date makes me feel *very* old, but, hey, it’s true.

No guarantees, but I hope to post on here somewhat regularly. I guess we’ll both see how it goes.

All the Best,

One thought on “Closing a Chapter

  1. Hey Michelle, I’ve been subscibed to your youtube channel for a while and hopped over to see your blog! I love that your still sharing your journey over here!


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